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Moving somewhere alone looks different for a lot of people. Some may be super excited to take on the challenge while others wish they are not put in that kind of situation. If you look around the internet, or within your own network, you’ll find someone that has just moved somewhere without such a plan.

Domestic and International.

It’s truly inspiring.

And their stories make me realize that I have one to tell as well.

I have moved to 4 states so far by myself.

Arizona, Northern California, Illinois, and New Mexico.

I’ve explored the west fairly well for someone…

I think the school you attend should pay for your master’s degree, personally. Here’s why.

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Is grad school worth it for you?

Maybe. Why?

In every way, shape, or form, it is better and more informational than undergrad. You step into grad school as a young adult rather than a kid fresh out of the house (and high school). You go in with a completely different mindset. However, I don’t think you should have to pay for your master’s.

I know some of you are thinking, “Who’s going to pay for it then?”

The school you attend should pay for your master’s.

I’ll talk more about that in a bit.

If the school isn’t paying…

And Happier

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The term minimalism has been floating around the internet for a while now. Personally, I think everyone is just saying the same thing about it. From my interpretation, everyone is getting that the point that if you declutter your life, you’ll feel freer, less stressed, and ultimately making you happier.

Those things are true.

What if I told you this style of living could make you money right now?

Decluttering your life could actually make you money while providing everything listed above.

In some cases, it could save you money. This style of life can literally put more money in your pocket while providing a sense of relief from stress, have…

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2021 is heating up to be a very interesting sequel to 2020. From Trump supporters storming the capital to Reddit users and retail investors taking down Wall Street Firms and having Brokerages shut down trading for certain stocks. It’s hard to believe it is only the end of January.

I first caught wind of the Game Stop madness during an episode of Market Monday hosted by Earn Your Leisure. I saw the stock at $60 and saw the extreme uptick in price from $5-$6 to about $150 then plummet back to $60. I almost bought in; I knew there was…

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The pandemic made me realize how much I actually do not control my income. Sitting on the couch week after week, reading new articles wondering if today is the day I get furloughed has permanently redirected my way of thinking of obtaining income.

I have a lot to unlearn.

The Earn Your Leisure Podcast has definitely facilitated that change in mindset for me. The podcast has a few episodes on Amazon FBA that has significantly piqued my interest. Especially since as a kid I used to sell pop tarts, crayons, and anything else I thought I could sell to my…

You should be lifting because strength is never a weakness.

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Spoken like a real strength coach. But seriously, when has being strong, mentally, physically, and emotionally ever been a bad thing?


The world right now is focused on mental and emotional well-being. And the body-positive movement has made the line of what is objectively healthy and what society wants healthy to be seen as.

Personally, I think it’s a cop-out. There’s absolutely no problem with enjoying your weight. Just do not claim something to be what it is not. Weight, of any kind, at a point, becomes very detrimental to health. It’s why taller people don’t normally live as…

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This is about the time where everyone that said, “New Year, New Me!” starts fading on their goals and the gyms start to clear up. Or people start to slack on their at-home workouts.

Fitness is a lifestyle more than a state of being.

Becoming “fit” is super subjective and thus hard to define as a goal. More so, it hard to know when you have obtained “fitness.”

A lot of people make goals to lose a certain weight. They forget that the lifestyle it took to get them there will be required to stay there. …

Being alone is not that bad

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It seems like I have been to every region in the United States. If I didn’t live there, I at least visited or drove through. I spent 4 months in California before moving back to Arizona for 8 months. During this time, I was completing internships with college football teams, I didn’t own a lot of stuff which made moving pretty easy. After 8 months in AZ, I was hired as a graduate assistant in a small FCS school in Illinois. I lived there 1 year before moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico. …

Not a great financial decision but my life is better for it.

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It depends.

The shortest and most annoying answer to any life-altering questions. But it’s the truth. People that are entrepreneurially minded like Gary Vee will tell you no you do not need college. He even has a video where he describes how someone can gain massive life experience from taking out a $40k loan and living in a different country. And that’s also the direction of this post.

The fact is people are right to think that college is not only a waste of time but a massive waste of money. Especially if you’re getting nonsense degrees like Art. No…

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Low back pain has become a more common ailment in today’s Western society. Lifestyles have changed drastically in the past 30 years. The world has rapidly raced towards more and more digital means of doing just about anything. Even stationary bikes have attached screens loaded with virtual workouts with an instructor to bring you through it. More people have chosen personal cars as a means of commuting the work. Recess and gym class have been removed from schools. People are sitting more than ever; our bodies and health are starting to see the negative impacts of this way of living.

Nate Matos

Just a kid from New Jersey // Masters in Kinesiology emphasis in sports psych // Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist // USAW Level 1 Coach

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