A Black Man’s Perspective on the Results of America’s Presidential Race

Emphasis on “A” and not to confuse it with “The”

This man is living the right way.

My immediate reaction to that is if you believe electing another old white guy and a very undeserving minority candidate are going to provide solutions for the various amount social issues in this country you may be more delusional than you may be able to even comprehend. The same people being celebrated are the same people that have upheld the system this movement in America is “trying” to dismantle. Quotes on the trying because this movement doesn’t compare to that of Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela in any way, shape, or form. I’m still not convinced that people have participated because it was the cool thing to do during hours of staring at their phones while in quarantine.

At any time, Biden or Harris could have realized the harm of their conviction to laws that are fundamentally unjust to people of less privileged socioeconomic backgrounds. The data has been around for as long as I can remember. I remember sitting through D.A.R.E presentations in gym class where they presented information on all the drugs that are somehow being legalized now, Shoutout Oregon and DC.

They also made sure we knew in school that 1 in 3 black kids will grow up and go to jail at some point in their lives. Interestingly enough, a democratic president that needed to show how tough he was on an unwinnable war decided it was necessary to incarcerate people for maximal sentences after their third conviction. Even if it wasn’t a violent crime. Lil Wayne has an amazing 8 min song called “I Don’t Get It” on the Carter III that can lyrically explain some of this.

In short, someone who sold or possessed weed 3 times was looked at as more of a threat to society than a rapist or murder. Drug dealers, now referred to as budtenders, were thought to have been more deserving of that place in jail. And that the best way to handle sex offenders was to make sure everyone in the neighborhood knew what and who they are. Bill Clinton, 30 years overdue, apologized. Yet no apology can overturn the damaged families, damaged relationships, lives, and perceptions created from the 3 strikes and out and maximal sentences.

What am I getting at with this rant so far? Is that, if the information has been available for this long, and Joe Biden has been in positions of power for the same amount of time why didn't he do something earlier?

Especially after looking at Bill Clinton, who looked like he caught the case of the suds, made a public apology during his wife’s campaign for presidency. Why did it take Donald Trump to come into office, outraged Americans screaming for social injustices that have been problems for longer than I have been alive and the mishandling of leadership for him to take action?

Why aren’t more people questioning the ethics and motive behind these people rising out of their political chairs to lead a movement based on increasing the humanity of society while these same leaders have failed to demonstrate that behavior in their positions thus far?

What I really want to say in short: I refuse to trust a tenured politician to fix my issues when Barack Obama failed to do so. I refuse to believe an old white guy that has been around politics for 40 years has done everything possible to fight against racism. I refuse to find security in the first black woman vice president that has also prosecuted many people that look like me and condemned them to a failed prison system without searching for a solution.

Call me radical, I don’t care.

I refuse to sip the Kool-Aid of Donald trump being this super villain and two people that have directly or indirectly backed laws that have been shown to oppress people of lower economic class, which so happens to be mostly black people, are the superheroes.

Side note: I wanted to vote for Kayne West. Not because he’s a good candidate but because a vote for Kanye is one less vote for either of two political juggernauts. Hate me if you want to. I just refuse to play into a system that is clearly failing.

By the way, this isn’t going to follow with me going on about how Trump was a good president. Nor will I bash him because I think we’ve seen enough of that on the internet at this point. In my opinion, the fact that we have world leaders communicating their ideas over a social platform I used to talk trash, make jokes, or post “I’m so bored” on in high school looks ridiculous to me. However, this is the world we live in now. Even so, Trump has played a major role in the degradation of respect towards Americans all over the world, 140 characters at a time.

These past 4 years have been a roller coaster, to say the least. The finale of COVID was a plot twist that changed the dynamics of this world forever. It lost Donald Trump his seat in the office. But somehow everyone is forgetting about the governors, mayors, and senators. You know all the other people that actually directly affected what your state did and didn’t do during this time.

American’s view of how our government works and how it actually works is hilarious. The American government was set up to in fact bulletproof the system against tyrants, that’s why there are 3 branches of government. The president holds 1/3 of the power of the government. The banks might as well hold the rest, but that’s a different subject.

Anyway, Americans wanted Trump to enforce a full lockdown, pretty much make a unilateral decision that actually goes against what democracy is about. Whether the decision was right or wrong, it goes against the morals the country has been built on. FREEDOM.

A lot of freedoms are being taken during this time, with the notion of protecting society at large. Whatever that means anymore, considering you now have people drunk driving just to add some thrill back to their lives. Or the fact suicides have gone up.

Yet, the same group pushing for tough restrictions on COVID wants you to recognize when it’s mental health awareness month. The contradictions in beliefs within each political group, are truly discouraging.

You can’t protect people from unseen dangers of the world, lock them in their houses, and expect people to come out of this situation “better.” Isolation is the worst of punishments in prison for a reason, the psychological strain exponentially decreases the quality of life. You strip a person from the first of Maslow’s psychological needs, Belongingness. You create a vacuum that cannot be filled and the body literally deteriorates itself. Virtually meetings are a sad attempt to replicate what only the physical world can provide. Don’t believe me? Here’s some research on it.

Back to the point.

This fight for a utopian society won’t be found through any president, any laws, or any amount of well-edited IG posts.

This is why I make it a point to have long conversations with random people, or at least interact with random people in the nicest way I can. I really believe every interaction is a chance for me to influence the person’s perception of black people so that the next black person they come across is met with a positive perception.

As a black man, nothing has been more confusing to me than be patronized by a white girl wearing dock martins at a BLM march. As I was in a crowd with few black people while she boasts about marching for x amount of days, upset the crowd isn’t as energic about her chant about constituents as she was, I couldn’t help to think that this is all for fucking show.

To any white person reading this, you will not understand the pain, confusion, and struggle of a black person growing up in a world where your people, across most nations, are financially poor. Reviewing a history of mass murder and slavery of the body and soul based on the hatred of a natural process of evolving in hot climates. All while trying to escape from that psychological prison built by history on a day to day basis.

This might sound a bit extreme, but that is reality. And the fact you will not understand it is OK. I have another post describing my interaction with a random white dude at Target. He genuinely wanted to know what my world was like in contrast to his, he had never personally seen racism, only on the internet. The conversation we had left me feeling better about the direction of society than those marches.

Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.

- Robin Morgan

Do you know how tough it was to find unbiased news or information on either of these presidents?

Just news saturated with personal opinions and feelings rather than a spreadsheet of cold hard facts.

If I am required to provide a resume of my objective experience and abilities for a job why can’t there be something similar for those we debate to elect as leaders?

In my rage from being tossed from CNN to FOX News to eventually finding a website that I forgot the name of, that determines whether articles are left-biased, right biased, or neutral. After searching the website and still finding a few neutral sources, I gave up and decided I don’t care who sits in the white house I only care about what happens next. So, here’s my list of what I am actually interested in what happens during Biden’s Presidency.

If this isn’t your concern, we’re obviously on two different trains of thought. Money continues to show that it is the ultimate equalizer and can quite literally set you free in this modern age. I’ve learned a lot about the market this year, mainly that I should've thrown every penny I owned in stocks in March, but that's beside the point.

If you haven’t noticed, rich people aren’t as concerned about social injustices as poor people are. Why? Cause their money has brought them a higher status, which sadly leads to higher levels of respect, opportunity, and choice. What other black dude besides someone with money can stand on trial be asked if they’re guilty, respond with “B*tch, I might be” come out 8 years later and not have to worry about food, housing, clothing, transportation, leisure activities, etc…

I love Gucci but there’s a clear difference in what money can do for you. Not everyone can be a famous rapper, but anyone can study and invest and earn from the stock market. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the market for Biden’s term. Some experts are expecting another big crash. If that’s the case Bitcoin has been looking real nice lately

If you haven’t noticed by this point, I am super skeptical about the movement. I am not a fan of the white liberals leading the virtual charge for black people. It always gets me when I see one of them try to explain how black people feel in America over an extended social media post. Or the white girls going viral for their sign that explicitly explains how much she likes black guys. Nothing wrong with it. But a march for rights, liberty, and justice is not the time or place for that.

After Nancy Pelosi and associates, some of which black, wore Kente Cloth as a demonstration to honor the black lives lost to police brutality. I slowly started to remove myself from the movement.

The Democratic party decided they would support BLM by disrespecting African culture while simultaneously disrespecting Black Americans. This is exactly why I refuse to buy into politicians. Anyone with true interpersonal skills or at least a team that knew their audience wouldn't support such a stunt.

Malcolm X was all for Black people liberating themselves and he did not particularly trust white liberals. I wonder why. Everyone loves bringing up history but negates that liberals are democrats (obviously) but democrats were actually pro-slavery. (Article here)

Go figure.

Subsequently, the BLM movement encouraged donations that were split with the democratic party. Candice Owens had a pretty viral video showing that, but a lot of people refused to think skeptically about it.

Not me though.

I became increasingly more skeptical the more the movement pressured people into saying anything, no matter how generic, about their support towards black lives. The social media storm that occurred was ridiculous and made me uncomfortable.

Watching people either deliver basic PR statements, crumble under their own misjudgment of the power of social media influence, or ride the social justice warrior wave to clout. Don’t believe that last part? Check #GeorgeFloyd on IG.

It’s also interesting that a movement geared toward the appraisal of black lives in America shot down the only black presidential candidate. In my eyes, Kanye and politicians are a lot alike during interviews.

They both dance around the questions but never quite answer it. Kanye did at least have some AH-HA moments on Joe Rogan’s interview versus just eloquently saying how much the other person sucks during highly publicized “debates.”

Say what you want about Kanye and rappers not being leaders but don’t forget that Malcolm X was a gangster and Nelson Mandela lead a militia before becoming what they are actually remembered for.

Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman were just slaves before they embedded their names in our history books.

DJ Kool Herc was just someone scratching records before creating another avenue for black people to succeed in America.

BLM didn’t get behind Kanye, who is black, and would also have one of the most powerful families in the world at his back. But instead got behind Joe Biden, another old white guy. If you don’t see my problem with that then I don’t know what to tell you.

Imagine if Kamala Harris was the VP for Kanye West. Hmmmmm.

It’s really interesting to watch AOC bash capitalism and describe how democratic socialism is going to benefit all minority groups, when it is the same immigrants, from when America was first built till now, that largely benefit from the free market of capitalism. Remember the American Dream? Capitalism is the reason it can be a reality. Capitalism is why people can brand themselves. Our economic system, with all of its faults, is why people can still come here and change their lives.

Merriam-Webster defines capitalism as an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

So pretty much all those bodegas in New York where you gotta know some Spanish to order your food, are allowed to happen under capitalism. All the amazing pizza people enjoy, at least on the east coast, are because immigrant Italian families decided to make food for a living.

Every immigrant culture benefits from capitalism and consumers benefit the most.

Because of capitalism, I can eat Pho that’s actually made from a Vietnamese person. Or enjoy authentic Indian curry, Caribbean food, African, etc…

Capitalism has an ugly annotation because people automatically think about the grossly rich Jeff Bezos. Yet, Jeff Bezos started out of a garage with a painted sign. Jeff Bezos did what anyone with a computer and an extreme amount of conviction towards an idea can do.

He made it big.

Instead of hating him for it, we should see how we can create a version of that reality for ourselves. Not everyone is going to make Amazon money. And that is fine. But everyone has the opportunity to get paid for doing something they want to do in a capitalistic society. You can’t ask for more fairness than that.

Yet liberals are going to complain that he doesn’t share the wealth, while at the same time using his ultra-convenient services to get the goods they want when they want it. It’s really an interesting conundrum. Complain about capitalism yet benefit from capitalism. The grass is greener phenomenon is at play in my opinion.

Do I think capitalism has problems no, I think the people that participate in the system of it do. But happens with any system. The educated and powerful abuse the uneducated and powerless. The unfortunate cycle of human behavior due to our primitive nature playing out in a modern world. Today's world levels the playing field due to the social standard of making a handheld supercomputer a necessity. I am not the most educated on capitalism but I remember going to a museum in San José where I saw this a flag with a message that rubbed me wrong even before I fully understood what it meant.

Language of smiles could be a Black Mirror Episode

When is this going to end, how will it end? This isn’t my “new normal.” I refuse to accept this style of living as normal. It is completely abnormal, and it is clear the effects on human psychology are negative with varying levels of severity. People are meant to interact in social settings, not virtual settings no matter how much society becomes digital. This style of living goes against millions of years of evolution. While this time has made people, and myself, reflect on what is important this style of living cannot continue.

I find it interesting that promising news of a vaccine coming soon appeared once we got word of Biden’s presidency.


I think not.

I’m super skeptical about everything these days. I’ll be waiting for the proof to tell me otherwise. Either way, everyone blames trump for how COVID interacted with American society, though a larger part of it is biological, somehow one man’s indecision is blame over an individual’s lifestyles that may have compromised their immune systems. Let’s see if Biden can overcome this issue and bring us back to the normal land.

By the way, still wondering if politics influenced how the USA and maybe the world dealt with Covid? USA Today has a few that might tell otherwise.

Last but certainly not least.

I’ll say it in case no one black has told you, I have experienced racism under Bush, Obama, and Trump.

Racism has outlasted many attempts to wipe it away from the world.

It ain't going away soon.

Especially with the crazy divide in political affiliation right now.

I’ll gladly say on the internet that I do not identify with ANY political party. Do not call me an independent.

In the political realm, I am Nate. That’s it.

I have experienced racism while living in Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, and New Mexico. I have experienced prejudice from Mexicans and White people. It’s something that is embedded in the culture of some people, families, or even cities and states. It is something that is learned through time, and hard to unlearn when news portrays black people as threats or even when black people sink to the level of stereotype associated with us.

Again, an old white guy ain’t fixing my problems outside of the way people move the stock market because of him. To carry points 1, 2, and 3 into this. If it weren’t for capitalism, a lot of black people we look up to wouldn’t have had the ability to grow into what they have become today. Jordan, Lebron, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Will Smith, Virgil, Jerry Lorenzo, I mean the list continues.

If it weren’t for them being able to make money like they have their voices would not be heard. If it weren’t for Lil Wayne being who he is, do you think he ever can go to Donald Trump, the racist, to speak about closing the economic gap between the lower and upper classes in American?


Again money is an equalizer. If you’re reading this open your mind to what the world is and not what it looks like or supposed to be like. Racism doesn’t have an antidote outside of removing ignorance and prejudice within every culture and replacing hate with love. Sounds corny until you look at Bob Marley's story.

Most of all black people are not excluded from removing ignorance, prejudice, and replacing hate with love. Some will believe they are but again that's ignorant to think the world is going to change solely for you without you having to give something to the world.

Malcolm X’s book has long sections where he describes the problem black people have within themselves and how that influenced how they acted, treated one another, and were treated by those not black. I think it still has a role in what is going on today.

Will it end?

One day I am sure we can educate everyone, embrace and love people as they are and not what society tells us what they are and those that aren’t willing, will be cast away. Until that day though we have a lot of work to do. I am not excluded from that work either.

Just a kid from New Jersey // Masters in Kinesiology emphasis in sports psych // Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist // USAW Level 1 Coach

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