A Black Man’s Perspective on the Results of America’s Presidential Race

Emphasis on “A” and not to confuse it with “The”

This man is living the right way.

Real change is going to come from changing our daily interactions with everyone we encounter regardless of skin color, age, gender, or any other way they choose to identify themselves as.

This is why I make it a point to have long conversations with random people, or at least interact with random people in the nicest way I can. I really believe every interaction is a chance for me to influence the person’s perception of black people so that the next black person they come across is met with a positive perception.

Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.

- Robin Morgan

Do you know how tough it was to find unbiased news or information on either of these presidents?

1. The direction of the stock market

If this isn’t your concern, we’re obviously on two different trains of thought. Money continues to show that it is the ultimate equalizer and can quite literally set you free in this modern age. I’ve learned a lot about the market this year, mainly that I should've thrown every penny I owned in stocks in March, but that's beside the point.

2. BLM Movement

If you haven’t noticed by this point, I am super skeptical about the movement. I am not a fan of the white liberals leading the virtual charge for black people. It always gets me when I see one of them try to explain how black people feel in America over an extended social media post. Or the white girls going viral for their sign that explicitly explains how much she likes black guys. Nothing wrong with it. But a march for rights, liberty, and justice is not the time or place for that.

3. Capitalism

It’s really interesting to watch AOC bash capitalism and describe how democratic socialism is going to benefit all minority groups, when it is the same immigrants, from when America was first built till now, that largely benefit from the free market of capitalism. Remember the American Dream? Capitalism is the reason it can be a reality. Capitalism is why people can brand themselves. Our economic system, with all of its faults, is why people can still come here and change their lives.

Language of smiles could be a Black Mirror Episode


When is this going to end, how will it end? This isn’t my “new normal.” I refuse to accept this style of living as normal. It is completely abnormal, and it is clear the effects on human psychology are negative with varying levels of severity. People are meant to interact in social settings, not virtual settings no matter how much society becomes digital. This style of living goes against millions of years of evolution. While this time has made people, and myself, reflect on what is important this style of living cannot continue.

5. Racism

Last but certainly not least.

Just a kid from New Jersey // Masters in Kinesiology emphasis in sports psych // Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist // USAW Level 1 Coach

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